The Salon Series

Poetry. Music. Dance. Artistic Exploration.

The Salon is an award-winning performance series featuring contemporary, classical, jazz, folk, world, spoken word, dance, and art. Modeled after the 19th Century European salons, The Salon builds audiences and fosters new art forms in an intimate and supportive atmosphere. The Salon is an historically relevant series. Dating back to the 18th Century, literary Salons flourished in Italy and France and came to be known by the room in which they were held. The Salon was the French parlor. In the 19th Century, these Salons included more musicians and artists and the Salons of Paris at the turn of the century featured more interdisciplinary collaborations. Andrea wanted to create a contemporary spin on the Salon by creating a diverse program that featured not only classical chamber music, but jazz, contemporary styles, world music, electronic, folk and multimedia. Alya brings in her talent for performance art, spoken word, spontaneous creations and audience participation. The Salon is essentially a celebration of the human spirit, and how we can nurture that personal connection, through the arts in community.


  • Alya Howe
  • Andrea Clearfield