Writ Large

Live Storytelling Events

We are currently working on our 16th Writ Large Series in 3 years and expecting it to be sold out like every one of the first 15 series. Each series is composed of seven community nominated storytellers that each have 7 minutes each to tell their tales. This series has touched the hearts of all who have been involved. There is tremendous value as a community to have our stories heard and to be a listener. We believe every one has a story in fact many that are important to be heard in their entirety. The sharing of a true tale enables you to see where you now stand within the story, even what the story has to tell you.

You will be supported by a team of experienced writers and performers, including Eleanor Shelton, Alya Howe, Rob Martin, and our colleagues. The more you give yourself to this process the more you will get out of this opportunity. Stories are spoken, not read, and personal and revelatory. That doesn’t mean they are tragic or a bummer. Happy, funny stories are very welcome.


  • Alya Howe
  • Eleanor Shelton
  • Rob Martin